Friday December 1st 2017

I read that's alleged that Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, is keen to see gender neutral toilets installed in London. Is this really a priority where eighteen people have been stabbed to death this year, where several others have suffered acid attacks and gangs of moped riding thugs are terrorising innocent pedestrians and, indeed, shop keepers at will?

Ah well, if true it shows where his priorities are and perhaps something Londoners might do well to consider next time they go out to vote for a mayor!

Life sentences: How sad it is that while banner news media headlines confirm that such and such a cowardly thug has been sentence to life imprisonment, for a brutal murder, further down the page we read things like to serve a minimum of twelve years.  To my mind this is ridiculous because, since I originally thought that a life sentence  was intended to replace the death  penalty, it should mean what it says. It is only by making a life sentence mean what it says, that the general public can expect a measure of protection from the law. And, for the families of victims, seeing the killer of their loved ones back out on the street, free as a breeze and enjoying things to the full, must be horrendous. They deserve better - much better because their "life sentence" is without end.

Shoplifting: I read that another police force is considering not to bother investigating complaints of shoplifting,where the value of the stolen goods falls below a certain figure. Quite remarkable - at a stroke the police can  now "legalise" shoplifting."  Pause for a moment and consider the financial implications for the shop-keeper.  Say a thief steals fifty pounds worth of goods, and the shop manages to make a ten percent profit on sales, then theft means that the shop has to turnover - take in at the till - £500 worth of EXTRA sales to make good the loss. Multiply this by several time a week, and the shop will soon go out of business! Loss of jobs, loss of local facilities.

Oh, and don't forget that shops pay an awful lot of money in Council Business Rates. Already councils are increase taxes while - for example switching off street lights - so making sure that the public pay more for less. Are the police now doing likewise. The public deserve better - much better!

Still finding time to carry on writing Betrayal - now over 56,000 words.


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