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Welcome to my Blog: A GOOD READ : For those of you who enjoy a well written and fast moving thriller, allow me to recommend A Time to Die by Wilbur Smith. I was “introduced” to this author some years back and, from memory, the first book of his that I read was The River God, quickly followed by The Seventh Scroll.  At present, I am working my way through this novel, which has my full attention. Brilliantly written, the book tells the story of two people who find themselves caught between warring parties in the heart of Africa, whilst on a safari. TRUE BLUE: Congratulations to the BBC for still televising the annual Oxford and who find themselves Cambridge Boat Race, one of our great sporting traditions. Returning to the literary front, True Blue is the title of a great book by Dan Topolski, the legendary Oxford coach, and covers the story of the 1987 Boat Race which Cambridge were expected to dominate, and lost! A great book about the intrigue, manoeuvring and personality cl