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I have just finished my third book which I have called  The Truth Will Out. This, unlike my first two novels, is a collection of  eleven short stories. The book is now available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book. I found writing short stories a lot of fun because, by definition, it was necessary to pack a lot of of information into a relatively short space. With three books now available I've decided to do a little marketing to create website awareness. As you can imagine getting visitors to the website has to be the key and, as of now, I'm planning a new approach to an old problem. So, as the saying goes, to achieve unusual results use unusual methods. Anyway, more details of this will appear shortly when my next work is ready to go on line - hopefully in August. In fairness, as I write for pleasure, I can see no benefit in bombarding agents and publishers with letters, presentations and manuscripts. It's a disheartening process, made doubly frustrating by rejection letter