Friday Dec 8th 2017

Once again I'm starting to feel my age, as yet two more deaths remind me of my mortality. For years I have enjoyed watching the Likely Lads and, although I never met Rodney Bewes, I did see him once - from a distance - in London. Rodney was a member of London Rowing Club and the last time I rowed in the annual Head of the River Race (1987 from memory) over the Boat Race course, Rodney was coxing a London Rowing Club eight.- - complete with dark blue cap with white stripes.
(Remember Graham Hill's blue and white helmet?  Graham was also a member of LRC.) For a while - on the way to the Start, we rowed alongside his crew. The second death that has made me feel my age this week is that of Christine Keeler. This again was someone I never met, but did once see fairly close to. On that occasion (1963) I was working in a West End bank when Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davis came to the counter. Of course those distant encounters were simply milestones along the route of life - gone in a flash but long remembered.

The writing is still going to plan, although the ever moving plot line of Betrayal is keeping me on my toes. Hopefully, when complete, it will engage readers and make them eager to keep page turning.

Planning: Nobody goes into business planning to fail, but many people in business fail to plan. So, I ask, why should our country be any different? Surely, it's reasonable that Great Britain PLC should have a business plan? And, like any business plan, it requires short, medium and long-term objectives. For example, these could include building up the forces and the police, a criminal justice system that protects the victims, and where punishment is sufficient to deter offenders. In addition polices should focus on health, housing, transport and reducing poverty. To name but a few.  Once defined, the plan should provide details of all strategies to be used, supported by clear signs to show the voting public that progress in being made. Financially, everything should be linked to reducing - and eventually eliminating - the national debt.

For successive Governments to be continually racking up debt, for short term gain, will never be the answer. Sooner or later, as our American friends say, "you cannot continue to live off the hog for ever."  So, some precautionary steps now in support of sound business management decisions could well prove beneficial for our children and grandchildren.

Until next week.

Peter Warrilow


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