Thursday November 23rd 2017

A successful week of writing, and I'm now just short of 50,000 words so far, and back on schedule. with writing this, my third novel. It is hoped to have this on-line by early Spring and, to help speed things along, initial proof reading and corrections are being undertaken as a work in progress.  It is hoped to pass the finished, the novel across to my alpha-readers in February, for their valued input prior to final editing.

Budget: In a week dominated by this year's budget, I'm refraining from making any direct comments, but one factor did cause the proverbial "sharp intake of breath." In the very week that out Prime Ministers admits to being in favour of increasing our EU divorce payment to around 40 billion, the Chancellor says that his borrowings for this year will be roughly the same amount. Can you really credit that? In brief, Mrs May believes that borrowing such a sum of money - to GIVE - to the EU is the right thing for Great Britain to do!

To my mind this is akin to a financial adviser recommending that a near bankrupt client puts his Golf Club subscription on a credit card!

Times are a changing: In the early sixties I lived in "digs" in north London, and each morning drove my faithful Austin from Archway to Knightsbridge - in about twenty-five minutes - and parked all day, for free, in Brompton Square. Imagine doing that journey today? Only the other day I read that one property in the Square was on the market for around £27 million and, with developments its value could double! In those days I paid £3 a week for my room and now, even the properties in the terrace where I was are fetching over one million. Times are a changing and my heart goes out to people trying to get onto the property ladder.


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