Friday November 17th 2017.

New novel: This has been a busy week for writing and it's good to note that I'm virtually now back on track with my planned work rate. I'm not sure if other authors find  this, but having plotted my writing route from start to finish, it's amazing how many extras I'm finding to build into the plot, so making it even more intricate and exciting. Within this, I'm managing to stick to my content plan, limiting each chapter to six or seven pages, whilst ensuring that each one finishes on a "high" - so making readers keen to keep right on page turning. This, my third novel, will be called Betrayal and I hope to have it available on Amazon around March /April 2018.

Second homes: I was interested to read that it is alleged that St Ives in Cornwall has decided that houses in the town can  now only be sold for permanent residency - that is not being sold as second homes. What a good idea,  an example that I hope more historic and picturesque towns will see fit to follow.  While there is nothing wrong with people owning second homes, the overall result of this is that it forces up the value of every other property in the town. Spinning off from this is the fact that home owning  can now be beyond the reach of  many local and often younger potential buyers. To survive, every town needs a vibrant  and working population, not rows of houses left empty for most of the year that contribute little to the local economy - apart from the Council Tax. If occupied these house would still pay Council Tax, but would also add to the workforce and support local shops and businesses.

Road Tax: Only Governments could manage to achieve this kind of own goal. When setting out to save £10 million pounds, they are reported to have lost out on £107 million pounds of anticipated revenue. Yes, when doing away with the old paper road fund disc, to save money, it's alleged that some 755,000 vehicles are now driving around without paying any licence fee at all. Wonderful, once again those who are decent enough to pay will end up subsidising those who choose to stick two fingers up at authority! Who speaks up for us - the payers? Perhaps a suitable deterrent might make the difference? How about instantly crushing the vehicles of those proven to have deliberately set out to evade the system that the rest of us pay into?


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