Friday November 10th 2017

Work on my third novel has slipped a little this week, but I hope to be back on track by the start of next week. Mind you, as a fast moving thriller it's great fun interweaving the plot and sub plots to keep everyone guessing. (Even myself at times!)

My thanks to the Daily Mail  for publishing my letter on responsibilities.  Like most people, I found the tragic story of the little girl battered to death by her adoptive parent deeply upsetting. And, as lessons never seem to be learnt in such case  - to quote the oft used cliche - one can expect to see the traditional witch hunt to proportion blame amongst the usual agencies; police, social services and hospital staff.

Fair comment, one might say, but to my mind these tax-payer funded bodies are once again expect to  be searched for blame following a decision made by others, and over which they had no control! By comparison, should an employee suffer death or injury, as a result of their employer's negligence, prosecution, and maybe jail, can await the employer. Hopefully this is a deterrent sufficiently powerful enough to encourage care and responsibility.

So, in case I missed it, might one dare ask when other official bodies will be forced to face the consequences of their actions, in the same way that employers have to do in law? What about the magistrates granting bail to known offenders who commit further crimes while still enjoying freedom. Or, maybe the medical people and parole boards who see fit to release offenders back into society who then go on to commit further crimes - even murder - as has happened! Where do their  responsibilities lie?

Is it not high time that we stopped fire-fighting and tackled the arsonists?

Halloween is over. Thank goodness - yet another daft gimmick imported from the USA designed to boost retailer's profits. And that includes now permitting gangs of  heroic youths free rein to go around demanding money with menaces, and terrifying old people. And, afterwards, the papers tell us that thousands of tons of Halloween waste will have to be consigned to council land-fill waste sites, all paid for by taxpayers.


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